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Photo Editing & Retouching

Manipulating photographic images using Adobe Photoshop in order to drastically or slightly change or eliminate all imperfections and get the best possible look by:

Photo Editing & Retouching

  • improving the quality

  • airbrushing

  • color balance

  • color and tone correction

  • change of brightness, contrast and saturation

  • removing any blemishes (marks, spots, flaws)

  • removing, add, or change the background

  • enhancing (changing the color scheme (ex. black & white), vignetting, etc.)

  • cropping

ManlyBands_Rainbow Collection - Original



ManlyBands_Rainbow Collection - Retouche
Arrows - yellow 2.png

Duotone Design

This is done by recoloring grayscale images using two contrasting colors.

Replacing the dark colors in the image with the first color and the light colors with the contrasting second color.

Duotone Effect - Orange & Purple
Duotone Effect - Yellow & Black
Duotone Effect - Red & Black
Duotone Effect - White & Black
Duotone Effect - Pink & Purple
Duotone Effect - Blue & Purple
Duotone Design Effect
Pencil Drawing Effect
Arrows - yellow 2.png

Pencil Drawings

Transforming photos into pencil drawings.

Pencil Sketch Effect.png
Pencil Sketch Effect - Original.png
Pencil Sketch Effect 3.png
Pencil Sketch Effect 2.png
Pencil Sketch Effect 1.png
Pencil Sketch Effect 4.png
Pencil Sketch Effect 6.png
Pencil Sketch Effect 5.png

Other Special Effects

Editing a photo by altering colors, adding overlays, masks, filters, etc. in order to get specific effects.

The following are just a few examples of what can be done.

Other Special Effects

Other Graphic Design Services



  • PowerPoints

  • Google Slides

  • Handouts

  • Etc.

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